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Not only is it wise to have a valid Will, but also it should not be neglected.


Making a Will is one of the most thoughtful things a person can ever do. Sadly, not enough people realise the distress and disruption that can be caused for a family when someone dies intestate - without a Will. As time goes by, things will change and it is always a good idea, once made, to keep it safe and check it now and again to see if it still reflects your wishes.

Your Will is an invaluable opportunity for you to clearly let your intentions be known relating to:

  1. Who you wish to act as executor of your Will
  2. Who you wish to act as guardian of your children and how you wish to provide for your children's upkeep
  3. How you would like your funeral conducted
  4. There are a number of trusts that can be used within a Will and could offer great advantage in terms of reducing inheritance tax and ensuring your property is protected in the event of long term care costs.
  5. Who you wish to receive what of your personal items, investments and or property. Whether the gift has real value like your house or only has sentimental value like a watch or wedding ring.

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